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The Baby Eater of Bern

Nestled in Switzerland’s capital city of Bern sits a statue of an ogre eating a bag full of babies. Wait, what? The nearly 500-year-old sculpture is positioned in Granary Square and depicts a horrifying scene: An ogre stuffs a child into its mouth as the other kids scream for their lives. Charming. 

The meaning behind Kindlifresserbrunnen (Ogre Fountain) is not clear. There are various theories as to why this sculpture was created, let alone erected in a public square. One theory is that it was a warning to naughty children. Another theory is that the ogre represents the Greek God, Kronos, who famously ate his offspring to prevent them from ascending to the throne.

Scholars have also pointed out the similarity between the ogre’s hat and the Judenhut - a type of hat Jewish people were often forced to wear - which makes the statue’s already horrifying depiction become layered with intolerance. 

If you're not keen on visiting the fountain, you can always stroll across town to the city's bear pit. Yeah... you read that correctly. But that's a whole different New Feed article. 

Curious to learn more? Check out the links below: Bern: City of Fountains The Child Eater of Bern Image source: City of Fountains


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